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Early signs of Pregnancy you should know

The symptoms of pregnancy can begin in the few weeks after conception. The symptoms can be different in intensity, frequency and duration. Here are the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy which should be on your checklist.

A missed period: - A missed period is the most obvious sign of pregnancy though there are chances that you experience other symptoms even before missing your periods. But in some cases, a missed period doesn’t mean you are pregnant. You might have a late or irregular menstrual cycle. That is why it is required to know the other symptoms.

Sore Breast: - The breast tends to become sore and tender as early as two weeks after conception. This happens because of the production of more estrogen and progesterone in the early stages of pregnancy. These hormonal changes can cause the breast to recollect more fluids and feel heavy or sensitive than normal regular tenderness during pre menstrual syndrome.

Fatigue: - During the early days of the pregnancy your body is going through lots of changes and is working continuously to get prepared for the pregnancy. Therefore tiredness is quite normal. The progesterone produced during this time rises the basal body temperature which causes lack of stamina and lowers the energy. The heart also has to pump faster to provide the required amount of oxygen to the uterus.

Food Aversion or food craving: - When a woman is pregnant her food eating habits can go extreme. She might end up eating a lot or nothing. This happens due to over production of progesterone which slows down the digestive system which can further cause constipation and ingestion. These food preferences are frequent during the first trimester as the body is going through drastic changes.

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Nausea: - Nausea or vomiting which can happen at any time of the day or night is also one of the most basic symptoms of pregnancy. In Some women, nausea starts as early as two week after conception due to the increasing level of estrogen. In pregnancy, women tend to have a heightened sense of smell so the odor of cooking food, perfume and cigarette can cause nausea.

Bleeding and Cramps: - Spotting and vaginal bleeding are also one of the early symptoms of pregnancy. It is known as implantation bleeding. It happens when the fertilized egg implants into the lining of the uterus about six 6 to 12 days after conception. This bleeding is different from the normal menstrual cycle bleeding. It is lighter and doesn’t last long. A pregnant woman can also experience abdominal cramping in early stages.


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