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How to Get Pregnant Fast and Easy

How to Get Pregnant Fast and Easy

Becoming mother is one of the most blessed things for any women of the world. Today’s lifestyle affects pregnancy chances very badly and so the dream of getting pregnant might require some extra efforts.  Proper consultation from a gynecologist and proper care of herself are initial steps for getting pregnant fast and easy.

For fast pregnancy, it is important for any women to understand her body and specifically menstrual cycle. If she knows exactly her period cycle then she can easily calculate her fertile period and have intercourse during fertile period increases chances of pregnancy. Here is given a complete guide on how to get pregnant fast and easy.

Calculate Menstrual Cycle – This is a most important step to conceive fast. Women having regular menstrual cycle can easily calculate their ovulation dates by counting 14 days from the first day of the period. Using ovulation calculator the dates of ovulation can be easily calculated.

Fertility Signs – When in ovulation days four to five days are left then cervical position gets soft, open and wet. Whilst during nonovulation days, it is relatively firm and closed. Just before ovulation, women can notice that the amount of mucus increases and it is thinner and clearer.

The Right Position – Right position during sexual intercourse helps to get pregnant fast. Women should avoid being on top or partner or in standing position, this is not the right position because in this position the sperm is likely to flow out of the vagina. Missionary position of intercourse is the best position to get pregnant as it allows sperm to flow inside. You can also place a pillow under hip region for five to ten minutes to keep sperm flow inside smoothly and increase the chances of getting pregnant.   

Pre-natal Vitamin Supplements – Women trying to conceive should start taking pre-natal vitamins so that body gets all the nutrients which are required for conceiving as well as to hold the pregnancy. A balanced diet combined with the regular dose of folic acid can help a lot n get pregnant fast. Folic acid (Vitamin B) heightens the chances of conception.

Reduce stress – Stress results in hormonal changes which might affect the chances of getting pregnant. So be happy and enjoy these days of togetherness.

Check BBT – Body basal temperature increases during fertility period. Charting of BBT increases the possibilities of getting pregnant fast.

Age Matters – Age is very important factor in conceiving. Up to 30 of age women can conceive easily and after 30 years of age getting pregnant becomes a little bit tough to conceive naturally as well as child birth complications increases. In the case of men also with age, the sperm count decreases.  

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