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How to Deal With Frequent Urination during Pregnancy

How to Deal With Frequent Urination during Pregnancy

During pregnancy frequent urination is big time problem that requires pregnant women to visit restroom every 30 minutes or even earlier. The more annoying thing is frequent urination is just that you feel the urge to go restroom again and again whilst urine output is not major in quantity. During pregnancy, urination urge is so severe that literally, you need to run to the restroom. A little amount of pee makes bladder uncontrollably to hold anymore. This problem causes sleep deprivation and resultant irritation and anger.

During pregnancy, hCG hormones are secreted and it begins right after the embryo is implanted in the uterus. After pregnancy, kidneys receive more blood for purification and so a number of toxins also increases which lead to frequent urination.

Another reason for frequent urination during pregnancy is enlargement of the uterus with baby growth. Increasing uterus creates pressure on the bladder which makes more restroom visit for a pregnant lady.

Although frequent urination creates a lot of problems but actually this is a sign of healthy pregnancy. Here are some tips which can help you to deal easily with frequent urination during pregnancy –

Increase your sitting time in restroom – Instead of visiting restroom in every few minutes, it would be better if you increase you time to sit there. Sitting for a few minutes more in the restroom after relieving yourself allows you to empty bladder fully. Also, whilst sitting in a pot in a little forward leaning position creates pressure on the bladder which allows you to empty yourself completely.

No liquid before bedtime – Stop taking liquid diet or water when you are going to sleep. This will help you to sleep properly at night with fewer visits to the restroom.

Kegel – It is an exercise which makes pelvic floor muscles strong and helps you in controlling frequent urination. You can do this exercise.


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