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Wish to look gorgeous with perfect fitness then aim for high metabolism. A high metabolism means great fitness and perfect body. Just as fuel is essential for the vehicle so is good metabolism for the body. Metabolism is made from hormones and enzymes which convert food into energy and this energy keeps the body moving for the whole day. In order to keep metabolism boost, it is important to indulge in exercise. Energy used in exercise while running on a treadmill and using stairs to go up and down is the perfect way to stay fit.

To keep the metabolism revved up for a whole day it is important to exercise regularly and eat properly. Here are few tips on how to stay fit and healthy –

# Protein Intake – protein food takes a time to digest and so body require more energy to digest it. It also assists to make body muscle strong. Protein is found in foods like pulses, meat, whole grains, whey protein, yoghurt and cheese.

# Exercise regularly – regular exercise is very important for staying in shape. In order to add charm to exercise keep changing the exercise regime such as weight lifting, running, cardio and jumping.

# Never skip breakfast – A little food in the morning is essential for the fit body as it is like a kick starts for the whole day’s calorie burn.  

# Drink more water – adequate water intake in a day is between half an ounce to one ounce per pound of whole body weight and it varies as per activity level and living atmosphere. Enough water intake keeps away joint pain which might hinder your exercise regime and keep body detoxifying system working properly.

​# Eat more fibre – Fibre helps in effective food processing in body and slows down the speed of carbohydrates digest system which means high-calorie burning
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