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7 years ago
Homemade Meal Replacement Shake For Weight Loss You Need To Know

If you are on a diet then eating food is the last thing you want to do. So you can take shakes which can replace your meal. These shakes are not only healthy but they are also light on your weight. For making shakes you can use any type of raw vegetables and fruits. Such kind of liquid diet option will not only make you feel full but it will also help in the detoxification. Know how to detox your body and prevent gain in weight. When you are trying to lose weight always choose a diet which suits your lifestyle and body.

Some other liquid diet options are healthy smoothies rich in vitamins and minerals. So here is a recipe to make a healthy shake for weight loss which will also help in getting rid of belly fat. You can have this shakes twice a day. Apart from liquid diet drink weight loss drink.



Water: - 2 cup
Fruits and Vegetable: - 2 Cups
Dried Fruits: - 2 tablespoon
Raw Honey: - 2 tablespoon
Seeds or Nuts: - 1/4The Cup
Leafy Green Vegetables: - 1/1/2 Cup
Boiled Potato: - 1 Piece


Blend all the ingredients to make a drink like consistency.

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