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4 Reasons Of Missed Period But Not Pregnant By WHO

If your menstrual cycles are regular then missing periods can freak you out. So Read on to find out the most common reasons for absent period.

Primary Amenorrhea: - A girl’s menstrual cycle should begin by the age of 16. If that’s not the case then she might be suffering from primary amenorrhea. It can happen due to late puberty or other developmental problem like the congenital absence of the uterus. This should be treated as early as possible with medical consultation, diagnosis, and treatment.

Secondary Amenorrhea: - A girl who’s menstrual cycles started but suddenly stops or if she misses periods for at least 3 months, this might sound like pregnancy but it is not, it can be secondary amenorrhea. This can be caused due to an imbalance in hormones or unusual changes in the uterus. Sometimes a woman can miss their periods for more than 9 months.


Breastfeeding: - If hormones that promote lactation in breastfeeding woman gets triggered, that can also affect the normal menstrual cycle. It has been found that mothers who breastfeed can have amenorrhea until the time their baby starts eating some normal food.

Menopause: - Menopause brings the end to the woman’s monthly cycle. If a woman misses her cycles for more than 12 months then that is menopause. Normally it occurs to a woman of the age between 40 to 50 years. It is caused due to hormonal changes that decrease the fertility in a woman.

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