About Us

Female+Adda=FemaleAdda ! Adda is a Hindi word which means ‘a Haunt, Perch, stand’.Adda gives a friendly, congenial personality and causes you to desire activities involving people. Combination of word FemaleAdda, signifies Gathering of Females with some objects at a particular place. That Object is ‘Services’ we are providing, and place is FemaleAdda.com.

In short,

A Place of Feminine Amenities

FemaleAdda comes up with new sensational services of beauty, fashion & design,relax with spa, fitness & wellness exclusively for females. Taking parlour appointment at end hour is possible now with a touch of finger on your smartphone. Want to get your dress designed according to your own specification, the best place is FemaleAdda.

To keep updated it has become important for women and for this it is important to have an idea about every new fashion entering the market and every new trends and designs in dresses getting popular among females. Online platform helps women in getting all this information as well allows them to choose new trends and fashion at their doorstep without waste of time.

Currently the ratio of women juggling between home and office is increasing. Managing both home and office is not as easy task for any woman, whilst rising expectations of giving their full potential at both places. What happens in this whole affairs, is ignoring their own health, beauty, hygiene, care and fitness. We, at FemaleAdda has got solution for all these problems women are facing in their daily life. At FemaleAdda.com women get everything they want. To start with beauty parlour for your beauty needs like facial, threading, hair cutting, waxing, to boutiques for stitching and designing , alteration of clothes at your demand and convenience and much more. The list does not end here as we understand well that how important it is for women to keep themselves fit and healthy so as to maintain a healthy family.FemaleAdda.com makes you available whole range of specialised Fitness Trainers, Doctors, Disgnostic centre to choose, depending upon your needs. We are working on making you more comfort in your daily busy schedule. Make you available all your needs and neccesity at your doorstep or nearby place.

Our Vision of launching this platform for female is

  1. To provide them a ready booking platform for their usual needs in life such as , Parlour, Spa, Boutiques ( Stitching & Embroidery), Fitness and Doctors. With facilities for Home service.
  2. Quality Services with affordable Rates and nearby your place.
  3. Easy to search and reachable. Know all things at one place.
  4. A social blogs for discussion and gossips. A social awareness for female.

We want to turnout the big platform for Female

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