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7 years ago

Every time New Year comes with new hopes and new resolutions. If your New Year resolution is again to lose weight and still you have not started working on it then just make a small change in your eating habits now and see the result before year end. This small change is to eat slowly. It matters a lot that how much time you take in eating your meal or anything at the time of weight management. Here are given benefits of slow eating which can help you a lot in fulfilling your new year resolution of losing those extra pounds -  
  1. More Enjoyment – In slow eating we get time to feel the taste and flavour of food. Slow eating allows us to appreciate food qualities in way we have never imagined perhaps.
  2. More Time to socialize – when we are concentrating less on food then we have more time to discuss with people. If we are indulged all the time in food in any social gatherings then we miss the opportunity to communicate with people around us and this obviously is not a good thing for us.
  3. Better Digestion – the most important benefit of slow eating is that when we chew more then it affects to our digestion and increases our metabolism. Good digestion means less stomach problems like stomach upset and bloating.  
  4. Stress Relief – when we eat with relaxation then actually we enjoy our food which in itself is a great form of mindful exercise. This mindful exercise leads to relief from stress full life and provides happiness.
  5. Lose Weight – various studies confirm that by slow eating we can consume lower calories. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for our brains to count that our stomach is full now and if we eat fast then we will eat more till our brains will register that now we do not need. But if we eat slowly then we will eat less and before it is excess eating our brain will stop it.
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