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7 years ago
How Walking Affects Your Brain

Health experts say that walking and running are good for heart health. As per a new research, walking can improve long- term brain function. Expert studies suggest that the impact of the foot hitting the ground transmit pressure waves through the arteries, therefore increasing the brain blood supply. Long story short, walking prompts the release the feel good hormones after a workout. And as per the new study, this might help in improving brain function.

As per researchers of New Mexico Highlands University, Under a study where they used ultrasound to measure the brain blood supply in 12 adults while they were doing various activities like resting, standing and steadily

Walking and running produced pressure waves that increased blood flow at a significant level. Earlier it was thought that brain’s blood supply was involuntary controlled but the body is affected by any slight change in blood pressure. Whereas the new data shows that brain blood flow is changing all the time.

As per one of the researcher, speculatively, activities like walking and running may optimize brain perfusion, function and overall sense of wellbeing during exercise.’ The effect is not bigger while walking. But the effect of cycling was found to be less than walking.

'This comes after researchers from Iowa State University found every hour you run could extend your lifespan by seven hours. As per their study “This statement is true no matter how fast you run or how many miles you cover.”

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