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What Your Chin Says About You

According to face reading, the chin says a lot about one’s personality. So here we bring all the interesting facts about your chin shape and the associated personality characteristic.

Square Chin: - If you have a chin like a brad Pitt or Kareena Kapoor then you have a square chin. People with square chin looks very attractive. But it is also being said that, they have a very straight forward personality and they are adamant .they are less compromising that is why people find them difficult to deal with.

Long Chin: - Long Chin signifies that person is artistic and good at expressing. They become perfect spouse as they are sympathetic and caring. If you have a long chin then you also tend to be a very sociable person.

Round Chin: - Round chin is the most common type of chin. People with round chin are great at friendship. They are very supportive and understanding. Not only they are hard working but they also make sure to have fun. Instead of leading other people they have team building capabilities.

Protruding Chin: - If a person has protruding chin then they are energetic and confident. They have a high drive compared to other people and that is why they can be very forceful at times. They are meant to lead other people.

Short And Narrow Chin: - People with short and narrow chin are high sensitive. Words have a great impact on them. They love to gossip so being around them can be quite a fun. They are the energy of any social gathering.

Week And Receding Chin: - People with receding chin are not so strong. They easily compromises and are a diplomat. They always strive for peace.

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