All About Waxing Your Face

Waxing is the traditional way of hair removal, but not many of you like to get your face waxed. According to The Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology, waxing is convenient and effective but it also leaves your skin pores open for infection and inflammation. Here are all your questions answered on waxing your face. Does Waxing Hurt Your Skin? : - If you have acne prone skin, then you should avoid waxing your face and consider other hair removal methods. Also, people with sensitive skin should stay away from waxing face as it can cause serious irritation or burns to your skin. Know matter your skin type, it is best to consult your dermatologist before waxing your face.

Does The Hair Grow Back Thicker? : - When you wax your face, unlike other hair removal methods the hair grows back normal. Reason being the hair are removed right from the roots. Also, people find that waxing your face for long term lessens the facial hair growth.

Does The Skincare Affect the Wax? : - If you are using retina A in your skincare then it makes your skin thin, therefore it is advised not to go for face waxing. Some of the oral medication can also disrupt your facial waxing procedure by making your skin hypersensitive.

Will my face become red afterward? : - ​Waxing might leave your face with a little irritation. In some cases, people are red for just a few minutes and some other are red for 12 hours. The redness basically it basically depends on your skin sensitivity. So it is best to get your face waxing done at least few days before any major event.

How To Tell If You Are Having A Bad Reaction: -   little redness is normal after waxing but if you notice small red bumps or pus-filled bumps on the waxed area, then you might be suffering from some inflammation and you should definitely consult your dermatologist.

How Long Does It last? : - In waxing, entire hairs are removed from the roots, leaving your face smooth for a longer time. Depending on your hair growth, your face will last hair free for least two weeks whereas other methods only last for five days.

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