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7 years ago
5 hairstyles that can make your face look similar

Knowing what suits our face shape and body type can make a huge difference is our overall appearance. Same goes for the hairstyle. One right hairstyle can transform your whole look. Let’s have look at some haircuts which can make you face appear slimmer.

Long Bob Haircut: - A long bob haircut will soften the roundness and chubbiness of the face. It will also create the illusion of making face look slimmer. Girls with round face should opt for an asymmetrical bob or an inverted bob cut. This haircut elongates your neck and adds length to your face.


Side Swept Bangs: - If you don’t mind getting bangs then the best bangs for round face shapes are side swept ones. Make sure you don’t get blunt bangs but rather you can try slightly angled bangs. You can either keep your hair loose or tie them in a ponytail and let the bangs hang on the forehead. This will make your face appear slimmer.


Add Layers: - If you have medium to long hairs then layers are the best haircut to soften a plump face. Straight long hairs can make your face looks heavy. Therefore add layers starting from the cheekbones, this will immediately give a structure to your cheekbones making your face appear slimmer.

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Side Part: - A single hair part can make or break your hair game. Therefore always play around with the hair partings. The best part for round face shape is deep side part.

Hair Highlights: Hair highlights can accentuate your haircut. As in highlight a different shade of color can be added to a certain part of hairs. The hairdresser can add dimensions and depth to your hairs to elongate your face.

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