How To Maintain A healthy Weight If You Are A foodie

We all love eating food but some us love eating food too much and they are a called foodies. So here we bring few tips on how to eat your favorite dishes without worrying about weight gain.

1) Drink Water Before Meals: - Water triggers the digestion process and it also helps you consume fewer calories in the meals. Therefore before starting your meals grab at least two glasses of water.

2) Don't Eat After 7 P.M: - You might be thinking 7 P.M is too early to eat dinner But actually it is a perfect time. Doctors always suggest eating your dinner at least 4 hours prior to going to bed.
3) Kill Craving With Lemon: -  Just take a glass of fresh lemon water to kill your unnecessary food craving.

4) Work Those Legs: -Stairs, small walk, jogging or chores. Walk as much as possible through the day. You can also play your favorite music and do some dance to burn those calories.


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