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7 years ago
Dark Chocolates Flawless and Younger looking Skin

Good skin and sugar just don’t go together but there is only once exception to it i.e. dark chocolates. Dark chocolates are rich in anti- oxidants like flavonoids and other essential nutrients. Therefore perfect for the good skin as it not only hydrates but also smoothen out skin and prevents signs of aging. Let’s have a look at some of the top benefits of dark chocolates for our skin.

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It lessens inflammation: - Chocolate has anti-inflammatory properties, according to researchers digestive gut bacteria breaks down. It also ferments the important ingredients in chocolates and makes them into anti-inflammatory compounds which can help to reduce the level of inflammation in the cardiovascular system.

Reduces Sugar Craving: - According to recent studies, the dark chocolates can reduce sugar craving. In one of the tests of dark chocolates, participants felt less hungry and ate fewer sweets after consuming dark chocolates. Reason being, cocoa is rich in fiber and protein which is very satisfying. Dark chocolate has healthy fats which are rich and helps to make us feel full.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol: - Cocoa butter is one of the saturated fat which is present in dark chocolate in high quantity. These saturated fats lower the level of bad cholesterol in our body and increase the good cholesterol. Good cholesterol is quite good for skin as it helps in making repair damaged gut lining.

Sun Protection And Treat Dryness: - According to the European journal of nutrition, if you eat cocoa consistently for 12 weeks reduces moisture loss in our skin which further helps in preventing sunburn. The cocoa boosts blood circulation which improves the skin from the inside.

Reduces Stress Hormones: - Dark chocolates also the reduce stress level in our body. When the stress level gets to reduce it prevents the breakdown of collagen which means less wrinkle and younger looking skin.
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