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What Your Moles Says About Your Personality

We all have moles on some part of the body. Moles are colored spots on the skin and they enhance your beauty. It is believed that moles are imprints carried over from our past lives and they can be good as well as bad.

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It is also said that appearance and placement of moles on anybody denotes various personality characteristics. Each mole on your body had a different meaning. Read on to find out the most basic types of moles and what they say about your life, luck, and destiny.

Forehead: - A mole in the middle of the forehead represents wisdom. A Person who has this mole is intelligent, active and has clear goals. If you have a mole on the right side of the forehead it means you will be wealthy. Whereas a mole on the left side denotes that the person is selfish and unlucky.


Under eyebrows: - A mole in the middle of the eyebrows denotes that the person has leadership quality, wealth, and fame. Whereas a mole on the right side of eyebrows suggests perfect marriage, success and on the left side denotes cowardice, few children, and job problems.

Under eyebrows

Above the Lips: - If you have a mole on the lip make sure to have a check on your weight as you can have health issues. It also means that you have good interpersonal skills and social person.

Above the Lips

On A Cheek Bone: - A mole on either cheekbone represents that the person is courageous and have an interest in athletics. The mole on the right cheek indicates caring and sensitive person whereas a mole on the left indicates an arrogant person.

On A Cheek Bone

On A palm: - A mole on the inside of the palm represents a wealthy, smart and intelligent person. If the mole is on the back of the palm it means you have money management skills.

On A palm

Mole on The Feet: - A mole on the feet represents that they are chances of traveling, a perfect married life and foodie’s person. It also denotes leadership skills.

Mole on The Feet

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