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What Type Of Person Are You According To Your Foot

 Palm reading is quite common to know about someone’s personality but do you know, that the shape of you foot too can reveal a lot about your personality. Read on to find out the different types of foots with their unique attributes.

Square Foot: - Square foot has all the toes identical in length and your foot looks rectangle. It is also known as the peasant's foot. Those who have this type of foot are cautious, that means that before taking any decision they analyze every small detail and then come to conclusion. These types of people are reasonable, practical, reliable and calm by nature.

The Greek Foot: - The other name of the Greek foot is a flame foot. If the second toe of your foot is longer than the first toe then you have a Greek foot. People with this type of foot are enthusiastic and motivated. They have leadership quality, passion for seeking adventure and are more creative. They are a bit impulsive and have a dominating personality.

The Roman Foot: - This is the most common type of foot, in this all the toes are proportionate and the big toe is the longest. People with this type of foot are outgoing and social. They are very charismatic and are balanced in their life. They are quite good listeners too.


The Stretched Foot: - As the name suggests all the toes are squished together so the foot looks very thin. The big toe is the largest of all and the size of toe decrease with each subsequent toe. People with such kind of foot are introverts, they like their own space. They are secretive and don’t jell with other people easily.

Little Toes on The Side Of the Foot:People with the foot with little toes on the side are rebellious in nature, they
doesn’t like their life to be controlled by anyone else. They want to things to get done on their own terms.

Tilted Third Toe: - People with tilted their toe always plan in advance and implement those plan too. They are organized and have a control and balance in their life. They want to avoid end moment.


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