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7 years ago
Avoid These 5 Things When You Wake Up In The Morning

We all have a fixed morning routine but do you know that one of your morning habits can have a negative effect on your mental and physical health? So let's look at some of the most common morning habits we all need to avoid.

Drinking Coffee
If the first thing you drink in the morning is coffee then, you need to stop doing that.  Those who drink coffee have already developed a habit of drinking it and they think coffee gives them the required energy to start the day. But as per Uniformed Services University of the health sciences in the USA, coffee is required after an hour of working out. Coffee also has a negative impact on the production of cortisol level.


Taking Hot Shower
When you take a hot shower in the morning it can make you less energetic and it might also not make you feel fresh as it can lower your heart rate. Though hot showers are relaxing, it is recommended to take a little cold shower which makes you feel fresh instantly.

Eating Carbohydrates Rich Diet
It is said that we should eat a hearty breakfast, but that doesn’t mean we should eat only carbohydrates and nothing else. You eat white bread toast for breakfast that gives you energy but no nutritional benefits. Therefore try to eat it with something more balanced like eggs and oatmeal.

Eating As soon As you wake up
Don’t eat as soon as you wake up, as your body needs to get accustomed to a new day. Don’t try to eat all at a time save your snacks for mid-morning.

Thinking about pending work
When you wake up in the morning, have some positive thoughts and try to avoid any worries or tension. Don’t think about pending work at the office or some issues you are having with friends as this will help you to start the day with a good mood and you will be able to achieve all your task of the day easily.

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