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Side effects of Abortion Pills

To prevent unwanted pregnancy, abortion pills can be used in early stages. If you take these pills you don’t need any surgical procedure. However, these pills do come with some side effects, therefore, it is recommended to take these pills under medical supervision. Listed below are some of the most common side effects of abortion pills you need to know to keep yourself safe.
Bleeding And Cramps: - If you took a pills and you are suffering from bleeding and cramps it means that the pills are working. Most of the women think of it as a side effect. For abortion you need to take two pills, when you take the second pill misoprostol, it causes a contraction in the uterus to enable it to empty. This can cause heavy bleeding. Heavy bleeding is also one of the
common discomfort during pregnancy.

Pain: - Heavy bleeding, contraction, and cramps can take a toll on your body. So you can take acetaminophen or ibuprofen for this. But doctors suggest to avoid taking any pain killer as it can increase the bleeding.

Headaches: - If you took an abortion pill It can cause a severe headache. You can even feel dizzy. So the best thing do is, taking some rest and relax for at least one week.

Diarrhea: - The abortion pill can cause diarrhea in which you might get 3 or more bowel movement in a single day. If it happens to you, then make sure to keep yourself hydrated.

Fever: - Fever and chill are also some of the most common issues women suffer from after having an abortion pill. If your fever goes beyond normal level then make sure consult your doctor.

Nausea and Vomiting: - Nausea is also one of the common side effects of abortion pills. If you feel like vomiting after taking pills, then inform your doctor as soon as possible so you can replace the pill.

Incomplete abortion and continued pregnancy: - The abortion pills are not 100 % effective, they are chances that they might not work. So then it can make you pregnant or incomplete abortion. In that case, you need to get yourself surgically treated from the doctor.

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