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Early Signs of Diabetes

Early Signs of Diabetes
Diabetes has many early signs which occur when diabetes just starts making its place in your body. Being very subtle signs, it is really very difficult to notice at the beginning. Actually diabetes picks up gradually and mostly people do not notice this in its early stage. Diabetes becomes very serious disease if not cured well at time. If you get diabetes diagnosed at the early stage then you can save yourself from many diabetic problems like heart disease, kidney failure, blindness and amputation and so on. Here are few early signs of diabetes which can save you from big problems and you just need to pay heed to these small signs and if you find any of these then just consult your doctor –

# In diabetes you feel like going to bathroom more frequently because your body becomes fragile at breaking food down into sugar which results from more sugar presence in your bloodstream, and your body gets rid of it by flushing it out in the urine. One or two times at night are usual but if you are not able to sleep properly because you pee very frequently then it is time to consult doctor.

# When you will go to pee frequently then obviously you will feel thirsty and satiate your thirst if you resort to sugary beverages like soda, juices and chocolate milk then it increase the sugar level in your blood.

# If you are losing weight then you should consult your doctor about diabetes. When you go for urination more frequently then you lose calories in urine and your body is not able to absorb all calories from sugar in your blood which leads to weight loss.
If you feel exhausted whole day then it may be you are developing diabetes in your body.

# In early days of diabetes, eyesight gets blurred because of glucose building up in an eye which does not allow eye lenses to focus properly. So if you notice blurred eye vision then going for diabetes check-up is a good idea.

# The immune system in the body gets very low in diabetes because of high sugar level in blood. So if you have cuts and scrapes and it does not heal as usual or takes more time in healing then there are chances of diabetes.

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