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7 years ago
Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Sex life

Spicing up your sex life is important to improve your intimacy with your partner. If you are losing out in the bedroom, read on to find out some spicy tips to revive your sex life.

Fitness: - Sex is concerned with how your body functions. A healthy body can help you feel more pleasure and less pain. Build you cardiovascular endurance and as it has a great impact on your stamina. High cholesterol can stimulate ED or FSD.If you are not into gym training at least go for the small walk. The Even regular small walk will release endorphins and build bone health. This will give a positive mood, therefore, boosting sexual desire.

Relaxation: - Stress can ruin your sex life by psychological and physical means. So it is important to relax daily with help of few minutes of meditation, music or pursuing some hobby. You can also go for couple shower and spa followed by a dinner.

Communication: - Communication plays a vital role in any relationship. If you want to get the most out of your sex life then make sure to have a word with you partner. If you are not communicating you might end up going nowhere. It is important that you tell your partner about your sexual desires.

Emotional: - Woman like emotional and romantic talk, On the other hand, men like to listen to some compliments. Just give a small compliment to him and your partner will feel more desired which results in an increase in passionate reciprocation.

Initiate: - Men like it when the woman initiates sex. Even if you are shy, this is the perfect time to come out of fears and surprise him. Men are always controlling thing so they love it when they have given up their power and control in the bedroom. When a woman feels confident and bold sexually it makes men feel desired.


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