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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and having heavy breakfast full of proteins will keep you running for the hole day without exhaustion. Eating healthy breakfast gives you the energy to start your day without feeling food craving in every hour of the day. Breakfast with high protein nutrients pushes back hunger-stimulating hormones. Here are few recipes packed with protein which is perfect breakfast options –

Cheese Egg Sandwich This is full of protein. Take one boiled egg and cut it into slices. Lay peanuts butter on baked brown bread and top it with egg slices and eat now. It takes hardly any time to prepare cheese egg sandwich.

Cinnamon French Toast with Yogurt To prepare this take brown bread and cut it into slices, then take one raw egg and whisk it in a bowl. Now dip bread slices into beaten egg and cook in a non-stick pan until bread gets brown on both sides. Sprinkle cinnamon onto it and then eat with yogurt.

Tomato, Capsicum, and Potato Omelette - Take two egg, one small potato peeled and cut into small thin pieces, capsicum cut into small pieces and one small chopped tomato. Mix egg in a bowl well and add salt as per taste. Take a non-stick pan and pour half cup low-fat cheese and heat it. Cook egg on a non-stick pan and when the egg starts forming along the edges then sprinkle tomato, capsicum, and potato onto it and let it cook for five minutes. Eat once it is cooled enough to eat.

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