Swati Panwar
7 years ago
Benefits of Kiwi : Nature’s Storehouse of Good Health Essentials!

Gifts of nature are many, but the benefits of kiwi still remain unsung. Covered in a beautiful tan coloured peel, lies KIWI- one of the most wonderful fruit and Nature’s storehouse of excellent health providing benefits. The soft, fresh shiny and vibrant green flesh that is tinted with tiny little black dots add to the beauty of the stunning fruit that Mother Nature has gifted us with.
Benefits of Kiwi that You Must Know!
1.For Digestion and Detoxification –The enzymes present in raw kiwi make it one of the most helpful fruit for digestion. Kiwis are high in dietary fibre and thus prevent constipation and other intestinal tract problems.
2.For Blood sugar – Kiwi is in the low category for in the glycemic index, meaning it does not increase your blood sugar levels quickly, it has a low glycemic count of 4 thus is it is safe for diabetics.
3.For Premature Ageing- Kiwis are loaded with Vitamin C and E, a very rich antioxidant that help fight against the degeneration of skin. These antioxidants work as scavengers for free radicals in your body that help to prevent disease. It also helps in formation and repairing of cells, tendons and cartilage in our body.
4.For Heart Problems- 1 cup of Kiwi serving gives you the needed dietary fibre and 79% of your daily requirement of Vitamin K. 
5.For Dengue- When one suffers from Dengue, the first thing that happens in the body along with high fever is that the blood platelet count lowers and the blood loses its normal clotting abilities. 
6.For Good Vision- It’s a lesser known fact that Kiwi works miraculously for your eyes too! Containing vision promoting nutrients like lutein and zeaxanthin in huge amounts, eating kiwis guarantees you a health sight. 
7.For Hair Problems- Kiwi is a golden boon for people dealing with hair problems. Whether it is hair loss, or dandruff or rough hair. Essential vitamins needed for growth and maintenance of good hair health, are present in kiwi fruit.

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