Rashi Yadav
7 years ago
Guidelines For a Healthy Weight Loss That You Must Know!

In today’s world, people have started getting conscious about their body weight and have been making efforts towards leading a healthier lifestyle.By choosing the food smartly, bringing a change in the lifestyle and making the right choices we can lose weight efficiently and will also be able to keep up with the healthy weight loss thus improving our approach, and enhancing our confidence.
Few Important Guidelines to Healthy Weight Loss:
1.Never rely on shortcuts or fad diets or pills to lose weight. Weight can always be lost by planning our calories and food wisely.
2.Deleting an entire food group is a major mistake that the dieters do.
3.We may not be able to maintain our weight if the calories are severely restricted. Especially when we are eating out, it becomes a difficult task of what food to eat. Select those foods that are healthy like wheat-based bread, salads with low-fat dips or grilled vegetables.
4.Never compare: “Hey, she is losing weight faster than me” or “Look at the model in the T.V. She has come back to shape within few days”, these few thoughts can actually demotivate you. Every individual has varied pattern of losing weight. It is fine. You just need to be patient.
5.Start your day with healthy breakfast. Substitute sugary cornflakes with milk to all bran flakes with the addition of fresh fruits. Here I am giving few ideas for healthy breakfast!
6.Eat a fruit instead of a fruit juice.
7.​Pasta can be more diet friendly if we add less of noodles and more of veggies. Sandwiches can be made healthier by adding lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes rather than cheese and meat on the brown bread.

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