Mustard oil contains a fatty acid, zinc, and selenium which nourishes hair roots and boosts hair follicle growth. This oil is used as cooking oil mainly due to its highly rich a properties which help our body in fighting against digestive problems related to intestines and urinary tract. The high vitamin E content of mustard oil is very beneficial in protecting the skin from ultraviolet light and dirt pollution. The long list of benefits of mustard oil for hair is elaborated below –

# It strengthens scalp muscles which in turn makes hair strong and promotes the growth of hair.
# Regular hair massage using mustard oil reduces headaches.
# The fatty acid properties of mustard oil nourish hair roots and help in improving the growth of hair follicles.
# Massage your head with mustard oil, then take a towel and dip it into hot water then squeeze the water from the towel. Now cover your head with this towel so that head skin will absorb oil properly. After 10 minutes remove the towel and gently massage hair roots. It will boost blood circulation in hair roots and boost hair growth.

# Mustard oil prevents premature graying of hair as well as darken hair colour naturally.
# It prevents hair loss and so you can have long hair.
# Mustard oil removes hair scalp problems like dandruff and scalp fungus by keeping the air scalp properly hydrated.
# For long thick and volume hair, mix mustard oil, coconut oil and olive oil. Massage hair with this oil and wash hair after 3 hours using mild shampoo.
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