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6 years ago
Top Reasons To Use Micellar Water

Micellar water has created lots of buzz in the beauty industry. Read On To Find out whether it is worth the buzz or not.

Replace Your Cleanser: - Micellar water has more benefits than regular cleansers. This water need not be rinsed therefore it is best suited if are in a hurry. Just take few drops of micelle water on a cotton pad and wipe your face to get a fresh look.

Sensitive Skin: - Sensitive Skin Beauties who are afraid to use cleansers can use
micellar water without any worry. Micellar water was made in France to substitute harsh tap water. Therefore it is gentle and soap free without any strong chemicals.

Substitute for Face Wipes: - On Days when we feel lazy, we just want to use wet wipes to remove our makeup but the truth is that wipes are loaded with chemicals. Therefore wiping your face with micellar water or wipes is a better and safe idea.

Correct makeup Mistakes: - Getting your eyeliner wrong or lipstick wrong is common while doing makeup. In such a situation just dab some micellar water on the required area and clean it up.

Travel-Friendly: - Micellar water is best for traveling. As you don’t need to take your face wash and makeup remover separately.Micellar water can give you the benefits of both these product.

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