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Top Causes Of Dry Skin Apart From Lack of Moisture

 Underactive Thyroid: - The thyroid glands produce hormones that balance the body cells. But if you have hypothyroid the hormones level can go down. As per one of the researcher Thyroid hormones have receptors in the skin and play a role in ensuring that new cells continue to replace those that are constantly being lost, it's also why your skin may become dry, rough, and scaly,"
Kidney Problems: - If you have dry and itchy skin then it is sure shot sign that your kidney is not able to balance the minerals and nutrients in the blood. The problems with kidney disease is that you never come across any symptoms until the last stage when the kidney accumulates lots of protein in the
Liver Problems: - live problems and organ impairment go hand in hand. They are the reason behind the dry and itchy skin. People who have liver diseases often have itchy and dry skin. As per one of the studies, some of the steroids creams, antibiotics, and contraceptive pills are the major cause of liver disease
Skin Cancer: - People who have extremely dry skin develop rough patches on the skin. These rough patches can cause bleeding too and if that happens that it is a sign that you have a skin cancer. This condition is quite persistent and doesn’t heal completely.

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