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6 years ago
Reasons Why Women End A Good Relationship

Women are good at handling relationship so be it successful or failed one. As per recent research, it is being found that woman can end a good relationship. Are you curious why? Then here are some of the listed reasons for a woman to end a good relationship and these reasons definitely make all the sense.

Trust Issues: - Trust is the building block of any relationship, there need to have complete trust between both the partners. When trust is hampered, there is nothing that can make the two partners happy.

Lack of Communication: - Communication is also one of the key elements of any relationship. If a couple doesn't communicate to with each other, then it can become the root cause of all the misunderstandings. Woman love it when they have a man who listens to all their problems and worries and when this misses out, there are problems in a relationship.

Too Much Of Unrealistic Expectations: - When you are trying to live in a fairy tale or your expectation are too unrealistic then this causes too many problems between partners and this is also one of the most common reasons for women ending the relationship.

Lack of Compatibility: - Getting along with each and having compatible views on major issues of life is called compatibility. If a woman finds you incompatible to her on some level she might just end the relationship.

Abusive Nature: - Women hate it when their partner starts abusing them. Ending an abusive relationship is the best decision for any woman.

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