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7 years ago
Things That Woman Should Not Expect From Men

Expecting less in a relationship will not harm you but if your setting serious expectation from your men then you are going to get disappointed. Want to know what not to expect from your men .read on to find out:-

He is not going to clean your room: - While women’s are obsessed with cleaning, men are not like that. No matter how much you nag, he is not going to keep the room clean. Men hate doing cleaning they like to mess around them. It’s just how they are so nagging won’t help.

He is not going to wait for you: - Before marriage, he might wait for you at the shopping or theaters to make a conversation or see you but after marriage, he might just hate waiting for you on different occasions.

He hates to figure out your feelings: - No man has ever able to figure out a woman’s feeling because women’s thoughts are complex. They say something and they mean something else. So this is definitely a tiresome process for him to figure your constant mood swings.

Unless Asked, He is not going to help you in the kitchen: Woman wants to cook with their partner but men don’t think the same way. They hate to do chores in the kitchen.
He doesn’t want to propose first: -
Woman expects men to propose first to start a relationship. According to men, it’s difficult to express their feelings. Sometimes they want the women to propose as they don’t have a copyright to propose every time. 

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