5 Reasons Your Skin Product Are Not Working

Have you been in the situation, when you started applying a highly quality face serum or moisturizer but you can't see any noticeable difference? Here we bring some of the reasons due to which your skin care product might not be working for you.

Skin is Not Properly Cleansed: -  It is very important to have your skin cleansed properly before applying skincare products, otherwise your skin care products will not work well on your skin. Even if you use high-quality skin care product they just won't show the result until you apply them on a clean face.

Dead Skin Cells Buildup: - As per the skin cell renewal process when skin cells enter into restoration process, new dead skin cells forms on the skin surface. But if there is too much dead skin,
it will not let skin care products work properly. It will affect the absorption of skin care products. Therefore exfoliate your skin once in a week to remove accumulated dead skin.

Degradation of Ingredients: - After a point of time, the ingredients in your products will start degrading and it just won't work after that. This happens Especially with skin care products which are stored in unhygienic jars and containers.

Skin Has Reached Its Optimal Level: -  Yes, it is surprising but true, that after a certain time skin care products stop working for us because our skin has reached its optimal level.

Not Applying The Products Correctly: - The order of application of skin care products also plays a vital role. Make sure to apply skin care products, according to consistency i.e from thinnest to thickest.


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