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7 years ago
6 DIY Christmas Gifts That Your Loved Ones Appreciates

6 DIY Christmas Gifts That Your Loved Ones Appreciates

December, last month of the year and everyone is waiting for the Christmas and New Year Eve. On the Christmas
day all Christians celebrate their day with ringing bells and lit the candle in church and offer prayers. It is a myth that on this day Santa Clause distributes gifts to all little kids. This is the reason that there is a tradition of gift distribution on this day. Homemade gifts are very much appreciated and liked nowadays.

Here are some Diy gift ideas which your kith and kin will love and appreciate -

1. The Painted Camera Strap

2. The Studded Phone Case

3. The Instagram Coasters

4. The Artsy Mugs

5. The Papier Mache Bowls

6. The Tassel Charm Bracelet
The Painted Camera Strap: This is best Christmas gift for that person who loves to share and post the photographs on Instagram. They might love to keep this as their favorite gadget and with this colorful hand-painted strip it looks just great.
For making this you will need:

1. Cotton webbing                             2. Masking tape
3. Acrylic paint                                   4. A paint brush
5. swivel hooks                                  6. Fabric glue
7. Needle and thread

Directions: First you have to measure the full length of the strap, also have to ready the geometric pattern with the help of masking tape. Then you paint the strap, leave it to dry then open the tape and paint another area with different colours. Add few stitches to secure that strap portion are strong enough for holding the camera.


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