Sonika Ramola
7 years ago
Skin Care Benefits Of Methi For Skin That Needs To Be Pampered

Methi basically has multiple health benefits, but it also has benefits for the skin and hair. It is said to help cure dandruff-related issues and even with hair fall, when it comes to hair benefits
How to use methi for skin care? Here, we are listing down the skin concerns that methi can tackle! Have a look.
1. Acne: Acne can bother almost anyone. Especially during the teenage years. Boil methi seeds in water and then use the water on your face when it cools. This can help treat brand new acne spots.
2. Fairness: Mix powdered methi seeds with curd or yogurt to make the best fairness face pack ever! Benefits of methi for skin care can't get better than this.
3. Inflammation: Acne and pimples often cause inflammation, itchiness and pain. Methi juice can really help get rid of this discomfort.
4. Anti-Ageing: Fenugreek helps eliminate the first signs of ageing, wrinkles and fine lines. Mix fenugreek seeds with yogurt for best results. This works because of the antioxidants and free radicals in it.
5. Moisture: Fenugreek can help prevent the skin from getting coarse and dry. Mix methi powder with water for this, and get rid of all the signs of dry skin.
6. Clear Skin: Methi can really help the skin be a lot clearer. Use a mixture of milk and methi powder and apply this paste on to your face. Wait for 15 minutes and rinse.
7. Cleanser: Methi can help cleanse the skin from deep within. Mix methi powder with water to make your very own DIY cleanser for the face. 
8. Exfoliation: Methi can help get rid of the dead skin cells really easily.
9. Glowing Skin: Since methi helps get rid of dead skin cells, it can really help with getting a glowing skin too.
10. Skin Tan: Prolonged sun exposure can make your skin really dark. Mix methi powder with lemon juice and use it regularly for an instant fix for skin tan. 

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