Reasons Why Your Hair And Face Are Oily All The Time

OverCleansing: - We want to get rid of any excess oil on our face or hairs and for that we over cleanse. which results in stripping of natural oils from your face and scalp.This further leads to over production of oils by the oil glands to compensate for the scarcity of oils.

Diet Rich In Insulin: - You are what you eat. Therefore you need to check on what you are eating. If you are consuming lots of dairies, carbs and sugar chances are that it will build up in your hairs and skin.

Not eating important fatty acid: - Flaxseeds, salon, and dry fruits like walnut has essential fatty acids.These are considered oily but they prevent excess production of oil in scalp and face.

Stress And Anxiety: - When you are stressed, the body produce stress hormones which make our hair and skin produce more oils.

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