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7 years ago
Why You Should Massage Your Feet before Going to Bed

Why You Should Massage Your Feet before Going to Bed- All day we spent at least 9 hours in our office, 9 hours we walk, Stand and sit on the chair hanging legs. We should take care of our feet .atleast at night before going to bed we can massage our feet and can give the relief. Foot massage is beneficial for Physically and mentally health.

Our Feet have several nerve endings known as reflexes.Expert Will also advised for the foot massage to get a healthy body.
We don't need anybody, for the foot massage we can do 
ourself it at home. It helps for the blood circulation, Mind relaxation & Healing Power.

Here are some of the health benefits you’ll enjoy from a daily foot massage:

1. Improves Blood Circulation
2. Promotes Sound Sleep
3. Fights Stress and Anxiety
4. Alleviates Low-Back Pain


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