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If you are on your first date and you fumble in kissing your lovely lady then definitely it will be your last date. Yes! Kissing perfectly is the door to go ahead in relation. A perfect kiss decides whether you will be going any further with her or not. A kiss finished perfectly can make your girl to the desire for you and if finished incorrectly then you will never know what went wrong. Now it completely depends upon you to perfect your kissing technique before finalising your date with your lady.

Every woman has different taste but one thing is always same that they all want to feel the passion and desire 
in her man. So men always should be aware that you should kiss your lady passionately to make her feel your passion.

Women always want to be pampered by her man. So man should learn how to take opportunities of those special moments. Places like sea shore, long drive on lonely roads, walk with hand in hand near the shore at sunset and whilst watching romantic movie are perfect to give her a soft and moist kiss for just few seconds. Of course, she will cherish it for long time.

Whist kissing doesn’t behave like an amateur, rather take your time and make her feel your emotions. Be a romantic stud and caress her hair, hold her waist slightly and gently lift her face with your hand. As she starts blushing, intertwine your fingers with her fingers and caress her back gently. The only things that matters a lot for any girl is to feel that she is the only one in your life who really matters a lot so deep kiss her passionately. Don’t go for long kissing on mouth because it will out breathe her. Kiss other parts of body like earlobes, forehead and cheeks. When you feel her breathe and find her responding well that when you can move ahead down to her neck, collarbone, shoulder and hands. Always make sure to make her feel your desire for her.

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