Ways to Make Your Makeup Sweat Proof

Ways to Make Your Makeup Sweat-Proof

In summer it’s really difficult to carry makeup without sweating. A hot summer can easily wash away your makeup by sweat. In summers you need to apply the Sweat-proof makeup whenever you go for the outing.

Doing makeup in summer is tricky, but fortunately here are some tips for you to make your makeup sweat-proof.

1. Have a Look for "Sweat-Proof" Makeup Ingredients: It all depends on your makeup product ingredients. So before buying any product make sure to check the waterproof makeup ingredients of the product. After applying makeup you can check the quality of makeup by putting some cake on your cheek if it slides then it's not sweat -proof. You should always avoid oil based product.

2. Start with great skin: A good makeup always starts with the great skin. It means you should keep your skin always healthy. A healthy skin says so much about own beauty without saying a word. Healthy skin seems beautiful after full makeup. So that in
Summer you have to prepare your skin against humidity and heat. You should use light weighted moisturizer creams and wear the mask when you feel the heat so much.

3. Use a primer: Primer is best for all skin. You should use it before applying makeup. It gives you shiny look to your skin. It will change your face look as it will totally remove the dullness of your skin.

4. Opt for a tinted moisturizer: You should use a light tinted moisturizer with the soft hand like BB Cream and CC Cream.


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