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Tips to Help Relieve Period Pain

Tips to Help Relieve Period Pain

Period pain or menstruation cramps are just like other body cramps. It causes discomfort and sometimes even makes feeling dizziness or nauseous. Some women undergo moderate pain but with some, it leaves them doubled over in pain.    

There are few tips which can help relieve period pain –

Take supplements – During these days your body need proper supplements so feed your body with calcium, iron, Vitamin E, and magnesium enriched food as it will aid muscle relaxation. You can eat Rasberry leaf or jasmine green tea to calm body and mind. For calcium supplement, you can include a glass of milk in your breakfast. Calcium is a good cure for cramps.

Home Remedy – The best home remedy to relieve period pain is to use the heating pad or take a warm bath. You can also give a little massage of the part where it pains. Take aloe vera juice with honey to ease the flow and reducing the pain.

Papaya – Eat papaya regularly and
specially during period days as it contains ‘papain’ which is an enzyme that helps to regulate flow during menstruation.

Eat More Greens – Dark leafy greens are a dietary source of magnesium, calcium, and countless other micronutrients.  These nutrients are essential for mediating muscle contractions. So eat more green and leafy vegetables.

Relax and Try Acupuncture – During menstruation days, just relax and read your favorite book or listen to soft music. Try acupuncture because acupuncture points regulate blood flow through abdominal cavity thus relaxing in the nervous system and calming muscular contractions.    


Have happy periods!

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