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Side Effects Of Drinking Milk At Night

Most of us have a habit of drinking milk at night as since childhood our mothers made a habit to make us drink the milk at night to get a healthy body and developed bones. According to a recent study by Harvard, they found no data to support the claim that dairy helps in developing better bones but they found some serious risk associated with milk consumption. Read on to find out about the risk caused by drinking milk.
Dairy Should Not Be Dietary staple: - There are few people who can tolerate dairy that too in very slight amount. But people who have the lack of lactose intolerance and are prone to allergies should avoid putting dairy in every other meal. Dairy should never be a staple in our diet. Dairy has an allergic protein known as casein which is harmful to our health. Also the casein in our modern dairy- is formed with hybridized cow – is genetically developed. This can cause inflammation, autoimmune disease, and type 1-diabetes. Therefore cow-sourced dairy should be avoided. If you want to eat dairy you can eat goat and sheep dairy. Drinking a few glasses of milk a day is an easy way to get the recommend a number of three cups of dairy a day but you might over drink it, but this can upset your stomach.

Weight Gain and Milk Calories: - Milk from the whole-fat section of the dairy case, can add excess calories to your diet which can lead to weight gain. Whole milk contains 149 calories per cup while skim milk has just 91 calories per cup. Therefore choosing skim milk over whole milk is a good idea if you think that milk might be one of the reasons of your weight gain.

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Digestion problems: - Lactose intolerance is a condition in which the body can’t break down the lactose, the basic sugar in milk. The major symptoms of lactose intolerance include nausea, abdominal cramps, gas, and diarrhea. You can notice these symptoms after two hours and 30 minutes of consuming milk. Some people can develop lactose intolerance even after drinking two-three sips of milk and in some, it can be seen after drinking two-three glasses of milk.


Iron Absorption problem: - If you take iron supplements and on top of that drink milk then this can reduce the effectiveness of iron supplements. Kids who drink too much milk can become iron deficient and might develop anemia. That is why the center of disease control and prevention has recommended that babies under 12 months old should not be given cow’s milk at all.

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