The Best Cleanser for Your Skin Type - Gel, Milk or Oil?

The Best Cleanser for Your Skin Type: Gel, Milk or Oil?

Only clean, pure skin can provide clear complexion to your face. Choosing best face cleanser is very important for clear skin. There are three types of cleanser available in market i.e. Gel,Milk and oil and each one has different qualities and suits to different skin type. Below are given some tips on how to choose the most effective cleanser for your face type -  

1. Gel Cleansers: Gel Cleansers are made with gel. These type of cleansers clear surface oil and keep skin deeply cleaned.
How to use it?

No doubt, Gel Cleanser is best for your skin.  One thing you should remember that without water this gel cleanser will not work. Before using it, your face should be cleaned completely. The best time for using this gel cleanser is in morning.

2. Cleansing Milk: Cleansing Milk is good for all skin type (Normal to Combination) and it is made from light weighted emollients and oils. Apply on the face and then it will reduce oil from your skin.

How to use it?

It will clean all oil and grim from your skin and make your face clean. Cleansing Milk is use for clean dry skin and it is beneficial for all skin but it depends on the emollients. The right time of using this is before going to sleep at night.
3. Oil Cleansers: According to the celebrity Oil cleansers are good for both skins dry and sensitive. Most of the girls use coconut and Johnson baby oil to clean the makeup as makeup remover instead of creams.

How to use it?

It's best for those people who don't know that oil cleansers are available in the market and want to clean their makeup without any penetration or skin pulling. It's the best idea to save your skin from redness and irritation.


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