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7 years ago
Secrets Of Healthy Weight loss

Set a target: - When you set your weight loss goals to keep them realistic and ambitious. When you set ambitious goals you can lose twice the amount of set target. So decide how much amount of weight you want to lose and have plans to achieve them.

set a target

Filling Foods: - Hunger is the main reason, why people giving up on weight loss plan. People have this misconception that they need to live up on salads only. Eating both types of food like pasta, lean meat, fruits, and vegetables too is equally important. But Fruits and vegetable are low in calorie and satisfy our hunger pangs easily.


No Ban on Your Favorite Food: - If you ban your favorite food, you are going to crave for it even more. Therefore you need to balance healthy eating with the controlled amount of calorie food. If you like chocolates, instead of eating whole chocolates in a day. Eat in moderation eat half of the chocolate today and rest of it on another day.

no bann


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