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Health benefits of Ginger

Health benefits of Ginger

Ginger is loaded with very effective health nutrients and bio-active compounds which provide immense benefits for health. If you include ginger in your daily eating routine then you can save yourself from many health problems like cold, sour throat, fight flu, teeth pain, reduces nausea and digestion. Ginger has gingerol which contains potent medicinal properties. Ginger has been used for making various medicines from a long time in history. It can be used in various forms like dried, powdered, oil and fresh.

To treat sour throat, take a slice of fresh ginger and add it to boiling water. Add honey in it and drink this water for the whole day. It will provide a soothing effect on the upsetting stomach as well as improve digestion. Whenever you feel nausea or vomiting sensation, eat ginger to get rid of vomiting sensation. Ginger is a perfect home remedy for morning sickness.

Ginger is useful for people suffering from a headache or a migraine. Take a pinch of cayenne pepper, one spoon f dry mint, few ginger slices and one spoon honey. Mix all the together and eat this every day to get rid of a headache.

If you are having teeth pain then take a ginger slice and rub it on teeth, this will relieve pain quickly. The bio-active molecules of ginger help to soothe the pain and prevent gums inflammation.  

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