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7 years ago
Best Eye Exercises for Astigmatism

3 Best Eye Exercises for Astigmatism

At the very first level, it is important to know that what Astigmatism is. Knowing the disease is equal to half cure because then only you can apply the right treatment for your problem. In Astigmatism you feel poor vision and blur images. If not cured at right time then it might create a big problem. Along with taking treatment from a specialist, you should also do eye exercises which can help in the recovery of eye vision. Exercise may not improve eye vision but it can provide the healing power.

Here are three exercises which are beneficial for eye muscle relaxation -

1. Relaxation of the Muscles: This Exercise is so much important for eye vision, this exercise will help to relax muscles and allow them to
heal faster.Put the thumb in front of the nose and keep the distance between thumb and nose. After that increase the distance till then we can able the thumb easily. Doing this our muscles feel tension for a minute. Then take slowly that initial position. You will feel relaxed now. Repeat it for at least 2 minutes.

2. Eyeball Massage: This exercise is quite helpful for those who suffering from Astigmatism. It will help increase eye vision as well as restore the natural shape of the lens.
Firstly Close the eyes and put finger on the top of closed eyelids. Make pressure on the eyes slowly. Continue it to move our eyes from left to left, Top to down, repeat it at least 10 times. Exercise time should be only one minute at one time.
3. Library Science Exercise: This exercise is so much interesting and it can be done anytime, day or night. For example, it can be done by the playing cards, for this keep in mind card number and read the text. It is reading based eye exercise.


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