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7 years ago
How Soon Can You Conceive After Terminating a Pregnancy?

Abortion can be depressing and painful. But if a couple is not ready for a child, they choose the option of abortion whereas sometimes you have to choose the method of abortion due to medical and physiological reasons. If you are planning to get pregnant after an abortion you will need planning. So here are some of the facts related to conceiving after abortion.

Abortion doesn’t have an impact on fertility: - If you go for adoption under expert medical guidance it is usually safe and will not have a negative impact on your fertility. You need to worry about fertility only if your reproductive organs like ovaries and fallopian tube get impaired.

Repeated abortion can make the cervix weak: - Abortion once or twice doesn’t damage you but if you have opted for abortion many times, then this can make your uterus incompetent. Also, any procedure in which repeated dilation of the cervix is involved can weaken the cervix and result in untimely termination of pregnancy.

Getting pregnant right after abortion is dangerous: - According to experts if you are trying to get pregnant fast i.e. anywhere between three months after abortion then this can be harmful. After the abortion, your uterus gets soften followed by heavy bleeding. So if you get pregnant too soon it can take a toll on the uterus and your body. So it is best to wait at least 6 months after abortion to get pregnant.

Use of Contraception after abortion is required: - Missing periods and heavy bleeding after abortion are common but this doesn’t stop the ovulation process. This means you can get pregnant after ovulation. But if you are not ready for a pregnancy, make sure to use contraception.

Seek Expert Advice To Plan Pregnancy After Abortion: - It is always a good idea to consult your doctors and take medical guidance for planning the pregnancy after abortion. The doctor will do a few diagnostic tests before conception and you will have a rough idea about whether you are fit for pregnancy or not.

Frequent Sex After you get prepared for conception: - Once you get fit for pregnancy, involve in more frequent sex on the most fertile days to increase your chances to get pregnant. It might happen that you might not able to conceive very soon, that is because your body needs time to settle from the birth control pills that you took after abortion.


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