Swati Panwar
7 years ago
The beauty benefits of honey, your skin's new savior.

How to use honey in your skin care routine to look and feel like a million bucks:Honey is the best for the winter as well as summer.It works as a medicine.Honey is sweet when we eat and beauty product for skin.Raw Honey have antibacterial properties for the skin.
Here are some Skin saving properties of Honey:
Honey is one of the best antibacterial for acne treatment.
Aging:Honey is one of the best antioxidants for slowing down aging. 
Complexion boost:By using honey twic in a day, it will increase glow of skin as well as moisture.
1. DIY honey mask:Firstly we apply a layer of honey,it will work for mask base.Raw honey will help unclog all pores of the skin.Apply honey and massage with the soft hand roundly on the face.After wash we will get soft & radiant skin.
2. Honey spot treatment​:If We have dry & rough skin we use honey for soothing skin.It will work for spot treatment also.Mix honey with the lemon, take the cotton ball for use it.after 15 mint untill get dry, We find light spot.
3 Honey Cleanser-For skin care honey use as a cleanser also.Every product make with honey specialy cleansers.Honey is best for removing the eye makeup.We can mix honey with the coconut oil and massage.

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