Glycerine is a colorless liquid like water and it is used in different ways for skin cleaning and moisturizing. It is used in creams and soaps so as to keep skin look supplied and soft. It has no side effect and this is the reason that glycerine is most commonly used for skin problems like chopped, dry and flaky skin.

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Skin Whitening – Glycerine works as skin whitener by removing skin impurities and lightning down the skin color. For using glycerine as skin whitener you need to mix glycerine, lime juice, and rose water together. Mix it properly and then apply on the skin every night before sleep and rinse off next morning with cold water. You can use this mix for always as a skin whitener.

Anti-Ageing Product - Glycerine is the perfect option for using the as anti-aging product. Nowadays, hectic lifestyle and environmental changes leave bad marks on skin and leave skin look aged with wrinkles and fine lines. To get the younger looking skin you just need to take two vitamin E Capsules and one tbsp glycerine and mix it well. Now apply this overnight on the face as night mask. This mask rejuvenates skin and keeps skin incredibly nourished.

Skin Moisturizer – Glycerine is perfect skin moisturizer and it makes skin very well hydrated. You can mix skin with cream, rose water and bathing gel to use it on the whole body. The combination of rose water with glycerine is perfect moisturizer for face and it makes face look glowing and hydrated.

Soothes Dry and Irritated Skin – Take one tbsp glycerine and two tbsp milk and apply this mixture on the dry and irritated skin. Let it dry for 15 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. This mix works wonder on skin in winter to maintain skin glowing and free from irritation.

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