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7 years ago

In winter cold and flu are very common illnesses. These viral infections are viral respiratory illnesses which are very common in winter. When the weather in winter changes to icy temperatures and colder air, then the threat of cold and flu turn at high. Although, these illnesses are cured once the winter is gone but during winter if you falls prey to it then for whole winter you have to bear it a cough, cold, and flu. However, there are no such treatments for this but if you take some herbal teas then definitely you can get some relief from a cough and cold -  
  1. Ginger – ginger tea is prepared using fresh ginger roots. This tea provides relief in chest and nasal congestion associated with cold and cough. Ginger tea is helpful in upset stomach problem also.
  2.  Peppermint - Peppermint is very well known for its properties of treatment for a cough and decongestants. It has a chemical called menthol which helps in relieving from congestion and encourages productive coughs. The oil produced from peppermint leaves have antiviral benefits such as prevention of viruses causing colds and flu.
  3. Cinnamon – Take few cinnamons and grind it then pour into your tea. Drink this tea to relieve from a cough and cold.
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