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Tips for Skin Care in winters

Tips for Skin Care in winters

Soft and supple skin in winters is the wish of every girl and for this, they use all available cream, moisturizer, balm and petroleum jelly. But, still, skin gets dry, rough and tanned. The experts suggest that in winters your skin needs extra care and the best product which suits to your skin. Choosing skin compatible products is the main secret behind the nourished skin. Few other tips for skin care in winters are given here -  

Whilst buying moisturizing cream for winters, always take high SPF cream so as to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

# Wash face using a mild soap or face wash because in winters chemical based soap makes skin very dry resulting in flaking and cracking. Always use mild warm water in winters for face wash. Immediately after wash use ointment-based moisturizer to keep skin supple.

# In winters at night use deep moisturizing balm in your hands and feet and then wear cotton gloves and socks to keep moisturizer locked.

# Exfoliate skin regularly because dead skin does not allow moisture to go into the skin and thus skin remains dry and flaky.

#Another important point whilst taking care of skin in winters is to stay hydrated. Drink mild warm water with lemon to keep yourself fit as well as hydrated in winters.
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