Swati Panwar
7 years ago
Daily Glow Releases Best And Worst Skin Cities

Skin Health is a Combo Of Life Style And Environmental.
UV exposure:It Is a Big Cause Of Skin Cancer,Ultra Voilet Ray.In Summer Sunshine affect On Skin So Much Thts Why We use sunskin cream .
Pollution levels:Dust Partical can damage your skin badly. keep Cover your face with scarf.
Smoking rates among adults:Smoking and Its Smog Can damage your skin internally. As Well As affected Your Lungs And Burn Inside.
The Best Cities For Your Skin: 1.Portland is the best city for your skin.There is always a long rainy season keeps away from sun
2.San Francisco is also best for ur skin..
The Worst Cities For Your Skin
1.Las Vages Is Worst For Your Skin Health Cause Of More Smoke.weather Is All Time Full Of Sunny
2.Los Angeles Also The One Worst City Having High Ozone Layer In The Atmosphere As Well As Traffic Pollution Reason.

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