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Why Your Endothelium Is The Secret To Health (And How To Boost It)

Shares what you need to know about your endothelium for optimal health. If you're interested in learning more, check out his mindbodygreen class.The epithelium is one of the four basic types of tissues in the body (along with connective tissues, muscles, and nerves) that lines all organs, inside and out.
 What does our endothelium do?
The cells are thin and yet very active, making hormones, permitting the passage of messaging chemicals, and maintaining proper blood vessel function. 
1.Prevention of inappropriate blood clotting
2.Relaxation of arteries, promoting normal blood pressure

What harms our endothelium?
All the classic risk factors for early heart and artery damage such as smoking, elevated blood sugar (pre-diabetes and diabetes), obesity, high blood pressure, and high blood cholesterol (particularly oxidized LDL cholesterol, which I measure in my clinic), can damage our endothelium.

How do we know if our endothelium is healthy?
If you smoke, are obese, suffer high blood pressure or high cholesterol, have diabetes mellitus, or have erectile dysfunction, you likely have endothelial dysfunction.

How can we boost our endothelial function?
Maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding smoking, and practicing vitamin "L" habits are key.These are foods with rich concentrations of L-arginine, including:
1.Spinach, both green and red, kale, bok choy  2.Rhubarb
3.Beets                                                         3.Watermelon, including the rind
4.Nuts, particularly pine nuts                           4.Greens, particularly arugula
5.Whole grains like oats and wheat germ          6.Garlic and onions

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