Health Nidhi Kumari
7 years ago
Press On These Points On Your Palms And See What Happens To Your Body

At least We have to press 5 seconds on points while we breathe deeply, doing this we can solve the health problem.
In below pic showed the point, press them and see how these points are connected to your organs.

Thumb – Thumb is directly connected to the spline and stomach.whenever we feel stressed, nervous, have stomach pain, headaches or skin problems, press on the thumb top and will feel better.

Forefinger –By pressing Forefinger we can get relief from the problems, Bladder And Kidney.

The middle finger –This finger is related to the gallbladder and liver. It's also helpful for vision problem and blood circulation.

Ring finger – This finger is related to the Skin disorder and Lungs function problem. 

Little finger –It is directly linked with heart.By pressing this point to get relief From these problems necks pain, bone pain & heart pain.


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