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7 years ago
Food That Lower Cholesterol Level

Soya: - It is naturally low in saturated fats. It helps in lowering down the cholesterol level. The proteins in soya control the cholesterol level.


Barley: - This grain is rich in beta-glucan. When you eat it the beta glucan, it creates the gel that keeps the cholesterol intact and prevents from being absorbed.


Beans: - Adding only half a cup of beans in your diet helps in lowering the total cholesterol. It is power-packed with fiber. It slows down the absorption rate of cholesterol in some food.


Garlic: - Garlic lowers the cholesterol. It protects the blood clotting, blood pressure and fights against infections. It is recommended eating at least two-four fresh cloves a day.


Olive Oil: -   Olive Oil is rich in monounsaturated fat, it lowers the LDL cholesterol. It also helps in reducing belly fat.

olive oil
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